Creative Tonies - Father Christmas
Creative Tonies - Father Christmas
Creative Tonies - Father Christmas

Creative Tonies - Father Christmas

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Already got lots of audio you love?
Creative-Tonies can’t wait to hear and hold your favourite tales and tunes. Just upload your existing audio files via the Toniecloud at or use the Tonie-App to record your very own stories, songs or messages.

A story read by Grandpa, a bedtime message from Dad when he's away from home... Creative Tonies are ready.

Father Christmas Tonie

Celebrate a little Christmas every day with this festive, beautifully crafted Tonie. He just waits for you to fill his gift bag with many wonderful listening surprises: singing Christmas carols, sending greetings or playing exciting stories that you can listen to - when wrapped in a warm blanket - over tea and biscuit. Fulfill your listening needs!

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