Tron Disposable Travel Potty
Tron Disposable Travel Potty
Tron Disposable Travel Potty

Tron Disposable Travel Potty

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Tron solves the age old problem of when little ones need the toilet - and there aren't any! When your baby needs it simply unfold it, use it, and fold it back up! 

The disposable Tron potty is unusually practical. It will fit easy into your handbag or changing bag, in the buggy or car. The potty is lightweight, small and has a highly absorbent, biodegradable SAP pad which quickly eliminates odours, absorbing 250ml of liquid within 30 seconds. 

After using, a specially designed closure element enables quick protection of the contents, and a high level of hygiene is retained - Tron also has handles. 

  • Designed for children aged 1-6 years
  • Can support up to 30kg so can even be used by an adult! Independent crush test stood up to 586 newtons
  • Folded dimensions: 16x9x3cm
  • Can be folded and unfolded before use


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