iZi Twist i-Size
iZi Twist i-Size
iZi Twist i-Size
iZi Twist i-Size
iZi Twist i-Size
iZi Twist i-Size
iZi Twist i-Size
iZi Twist i-Size
iZi Twist i-Size

iZi Twist i-Size

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ADAC SPRING 2020 “Very Good” safety score in independent ADAC child seat test. In an independent child car seat test by the German automotive association ADAC, BeSafe iZi Twist i-Size scored the highest safety rating “Very Good”, which no other toddler seat in the Spring 2020 test achieved. In total, it got not only a “Good” rating by the German organisations ADAC and Stiftung Warentest, but was also awarded with “Highly recommended” by the Swiss organisation TCS and scored 4 out of 5 stars by the Austrian ÖAMTC.

Visionary rotation for toddlers with Universal Level Technology™

DOUBLE-LAYER SAFETY FOR TODDLERS. The BeSafe iZi Twist i-Size is a rotation seat for toddlers that is equipped with 2 layers of safety:

» the built-in SIP (Side Impact Protection) in the seat shell

» the SIP+ (addtl. Side Impact Protection) that can be attached to either side of the seat and absorbs up to an additional 20% of the forces on the child’s head and neck in a side impact.

The iZi Twist i-Size allows your child to travel 5x safer rear facing up to 105 cm/ max. 18 kg and is approved to the latest safety regulation UN R129 (i-Size). It also gives you the flexibility of using it forward facing from 88 cm and 15 months on.

STATE-OF-THE-ART FUNCTIONALITY FOR EASY EVERYDAY USE. The BeSafe iZi Twist i-Size has a user friendly design that takes the stress out of travel.


  • It features convenient side-to side rotation that is easy to operate and provides easy, front-on access when getting your child in and out of the car, which also makes it easy for you to buckle up your child.
  • The headrest and belts are adjustable with a simple, single-action functionality and the BeSafe Magnetic Belt Assistants™ make it easy to get your child in and out of the seat without the belts getting in the way.
  • Optical and audio indicators provide instant installation feedback to ensure accurate seat positioning every time. For added convenience, the recline feature is adjustable even after the seat is installed.

INDIVIDUALISED COMFORT. The BeSafe iZi Twist i-Size offers a special installation function that has never been seen among toddler seats: The Universal Level Technology™.

  • In this special seat and-base-design, the seat is embedded into the base at an angle, which allows you to install the base always at 20°. This is perfect for when your car has sloping vehicle seats in the back where your child’s head might otherwise tip forward when sitting rear facing.
  • To perfectly adjust the seat to your child’s proportions, the iZi Twist i-Size features the BeSafe Two-Fit Cushions™ - a set of two soft cushions that are placed underneath your child’s bottom and in the back. These cushions can be taken out individually, so that you can adapt the seat to how it fits your growing child best.
  • To grow with your child, the headrest can be moved upwards in 10 steps and you can easily remove the Two-Fit Cushions™ to give your child as much space as needed.
  • For flexible comfort, the iZi Twist i-Size has 4 recline positions that you can easily change with one hand and a ventilation system structure in the back to reduce sweating on warm days. 


Approved: UN R129 (i-Size)

Stature height: 61 - 105 cm  Max. weight: 18 kg Age: approx. 6 months - 4 years

Direction: Rear facing  Installation: ISOfix

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